This morning God lead me to these chapters. In these chapters you will find the lives of 3 Kings. Manasseh (Son of Hezekiah) Amon (Son of Manasseh) and Josiah (Son on Amon)

When I began chapter 21 I was kinda shocked. King Manasseh was nothing like his father Hezekiah in fact he was the absolute opposite. It was almost as if he set forth to destroy everything that his father did. He tried to push the Lord right out of Judah and Jerusalem and the people of God just let him. It’s crazy Gods chosen people were just persuaded to allow this to go on. So crazy. He reined for 55 years. He places alters everywhere even the house of God he didn’t call on the prophets but spiritists and mediums. He did so much evil on the sight of the Lord that it literally provoked God to anger (v. 6) God was so angry that He said “I will wipe Jerusalem as one wipes a dish. Wiping in and turning it upside down” (v 13) I don’t know about you. It to me that sounds pretty horrible! I know that when I wipe a dish out I leave nothing behind….

One mans compromise brought a whole nation into calamity.

Manasseh dies and then his son Amon takes the thrown. And for a brief second my mind think ok cool maybe this dude right here will have some kind of common sense and fix what his daddy broke. But nope👎🏽 this dude follows straight in His Fathers footsteps, just so much evil…he didn’t even get to really rein as King. After 2 years his own servants turned on him and killed him in his own home. (v 23)

Ok so I go into chapter 22. Thinking…can King Josiah get this right? Josiah takes the thrown at 8 yeas old. And verse 2 says “And he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, and walked in all the ways of his Father David and he did not turn aside to the right hand or the left.” And I had to reflect on that for just a second. Manasseh and Amon were both older than Josiah when they took the thrown. Josiah was literally a third grader you guys! And he had more sense then them all! It took a child to take the thrown to fix a nation and bring them back to God. Think on that!!!

King Josiah went on to repair the temple in verses 3-7 he sends his high priest out with a pretty penny and tells him to take it to those that are in charge of the temple. And he also asks him not to keep track of the money…no accounting ( I had to kind giggle about that….how many of you would give the church a large amount of money and not want to know what the church is doing with it lol….but I’m gonna sip my tea right there)

So when the high priest gets there her give them the money and he also receives a scroll. It was the book of law for the house of the Lord. It was brought to the King and before him. And the king falls down in repentance. The book stated that God wrath was against them because of his father and his fathers father (I so could have put grandpa here but I wanted to be proper lol). King Josiah repents and tells the high priest to pray on his behalf as well. So high priest goes to a prophetess (that’s right women do have a place in ministry for all those Timothy quoters out there!! Lol) the prophetess speaks blessings because Josiah had followed the Lord. And that message was brought back to the king. God used a child to save his people but it wasn’t the last time he would do that.